Enjoying His Millions In Thailand

The owner of the brothel property with Thai girls at Ribevej in the Danish town
Vejle, the 42-year-old Keld Wulff, is still enjoying his life in Thailand
with the five million. DKK, which Sparbank in Vejle was kind enough to transfer
to his account in Bangkok Bank one month ago, writes the Danish tabloid Ekstra
    By the way,
Mr. Keld Wulff has over the year paid the very same tabloid thousands and
thousands of Danish kroner for ads, which attracted hundreds if not thousands
of costumers.
    The five millions come from an original Danske Bank bank cheque of 5.6 million.
DKK, which Sparkbank happily changed into real money. Not before Sparbank could
not get their money from Danske Bank, it was discovered that the cheque was falsified,
explain Ekstra Bladet.
    Sydøstjyllands Police have been court in Kolding,
to gain an international arrest warrant for the already-strained VAT fraudster
Keld Wulff and has had his passport cancelled.
    “But I am just fine. Life goes on quietly. I get good food every day. And the
weather is nice out here, even if it is wet season, “said Keld Wulff and
declare his innocence.
    Keld Wulff claims that he had absolutely no idea that the cheque was false.
    “How should I know it that? I got it in completely normal manner from someone
by someone who owed me money. It was not me, but the bank that would have the
money sent out here to Thailand.
Because of  VAT problems I would have kept
money in a deposit box, writes Ekstra Bladet.
    “But will you return to Denmark

    “Yes, yes. I have said that all the time. I will come home and explain to the
police, how it is. But they are on vacation at the moment, so there is no
reason to fly home right now.
    “Your passport is invalid, so you might end up in a Thai cell”?
    “Yes, but I will probably not have to stay in a real prison. They allow me to
stay in an immigrations cell, hope Keld Wulff. For the same reason, he is
keeping a low profile, not staying to close to his house in the north eastern
town Khon Kaen.
    “No, I am moving around a little. But I am not on the run. How is the weather
in Denmark”?

    “We have heat wave and between 25 and 30 degrees.
    “It sounds good, as a matter of fact”, Keld Wulff admit to Ekstra Bladet.

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