Project ”Waste Refinery Indonesia”

Olle Engström, member of Borås municipal executive committee and chairman of the municipal council, together with Professor Mohammad Taherzadeh from the University of Borås, visited Indonesia 12-31 October, 2008, in the framework of a project to transfer knowledge and expertise within waste disposal and recycling, to cities and universities in Indonesia.
    The visit commenced with a briefing to me and my colleagues at the Embassy of Sweden regarding the cooperation that the Municipal of Borås and the University of Borås are pursuing with the largest university in Indonesia, Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Java. The project, initiated in 2006, has hitherto received a positive response in Indonesia.
    “Waste Refinery Indonesia” aims to help local authorities in Indonesia with their growing waste management problem by applying the model utilized in Borås,  demonstrating how a more effective waste disposal and recycling system can be achieved. Olle Engström and Professor Mohammad Taherzadeh are jointly directing the project on behalf of the Swedish counterparts.
    The project which integrates education, research and practical technical solutions, is intended to include a cooperation between several cities and universities across Indonesia. In this context, Olle Engström and Professor Mohammad Taherzadeh has visited a select number of cities and universities in Indonesia, with the purpose to establish connections and extend information regarding the project. This included visits to Indonesia’s 5 largest islands: Java, Kalimantan, Papua, Sulawesi and Sumatra. A representative of the Gadja Mada University also took part in the visits.
    The objective is to develop a network around in Indonesia under the project name ”Waste Refinery Indonesia”. The project managers are currently planning a association of around 20 universities. This should include the five largest Indonesian universities and a number of local municipal executive committees interested in contributing and participating in the project.
    During their visit, the project managers have further informed the concerned central authorities in Jakarta regarding the project, among others, officials and representatives from the ministries governing foreign, domestic, educational and environmental affairs.
    The subsequent stage of the project will be the organization of a workshop for the network associates, which will be held on 18-19 February, 2009 and hosted by the Gadjah Mada University. The Embassy of Sweden has been invited to participate in this workshop.
    During the two project managers stay in Indonesia, the Embassy invited Olle Engström to participate in the delegation of the Swedish Director-General for Trade, Anders Ahnlid, during his visit to Jakarta 24 October, 2009. During the Foreign Affairs Committee’s visit, current issues within trade and environmental matters were discussed with Indonesian counterparts.
    At Anders Ahnlid’s courtesy visit to the Vice President of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla, an opportunity was afforded Olle Engström to briefly mention the project also to the Vice President.
    The Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta wish the Municipality and the University of Borås the best of luck with their project and collaboration with Indonesia, dealing with this pressing issue in which Sweden has significant competence and much know-how to offer. The Swedish Embassy in Jakarta is looking forward to a continued exchange with the municipality of Borås and University regarding future developments of the project.

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