DI: The Chinese Are Catching Up

The quality of Chinese products is improving. This, in combination with low wages, shakes a dangerous cocktail for Danish companies, writes the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI).

A medium-sized Danish industrial company with a production plant in China asked the firm Asia Base Research to analyse the market because the company was losing orders to a Chinese competitor. Asia Base Research helps Danish companies enter the Chinese market, and according to its founder and owner, Peter Rasmussen, the quality of Chinese products is becoming increasingly high.
“We are no longer talking major differences in quality. The Chinese have already caught up well with the quality and service levels of foreigners – and in many cases even overtaken them. In just a few years, the Chinese have become much more competent when it comes to quality management and efficiency. They have even begun to make themselves felt in product development,” says Peter Rasmussen.
With this Danish business managers should begin to change their perception of products made in China. And the same applies to their perception of who the real competitor is,” Peter Rasmussen adds.

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