Radi sets up manufacturing plant on Phuket

The Swedish medical device technology firm Radi Medical Systems AB invests around THB 260 million in a new plant on Phuket.
     Radi will produce pressure measurement equipment in the Thai plant, which is expected to be ready in September 2004, reports Telcom Journal.
     The plant, which will seek BOI status, is expected to employ some 100 Thais, and initially 8 Swedes, and also serve as Radi’s Asia Pacific marketing hub, according to Telcom Journal.
     Radi was founded in 1988 and develop, manufacture, market and sell medical devices in the field of interventional cardiology.
     The two key areas are Intravascular Sensors for pressure measurement and Hemostasis Management, products that stop bleeding after interventional procedures.
     Today the company employs more than 200 people globally, 160 of them at Radi’s headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden. Currently Radi has subsidiaries in seven countries outside Sweden.

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