Call center in Hua Hin in charge of Swedish healthcare hotline

When Swedes call ”sjukvårdsrådgivningen” which is a healthcare hotline, in many cases the calls will be transferred to Thailand. Swedish nurses in Hua Hin are answering questions from patients in Sweden.

The nurses are paid NOK 15,000 per month with free accommodation and free lunch.

The Swedish call center in Hua Hin is managed by Medicall commissioned from Medhelp, which several Swedish counties have hired to run medical clinics.

The nurses in Hua Hin are answering questions from patients from Södermanland, Stockholm and Värmland. Mostly the transferred calls are at nights, Swedish time, and on weekends.

On an average night two nursed in Sweden and three in Thailand are serving patients in the three areas.

Transferring the healthcare calls to Thailand is not just about time zones. It is also a matter of expenses. The nurses are paid NOK 15,000 or 70,000 baht and there is no pension.

However, the nurses enjoy perks like free travels back and forth to Sweden, free housing and free lunches.

This fall Medicall will expand from 9 to 25 employees. In the long term they will expand to 30 employees. There have been far more applicants than posts.

”Most of the nurses come here because of the working environment. The wages are lower here, but living expenses are three times lower than in Sweden, said Birger Rexed who is the head of Medicall.

Most nurses stay in Thailand for six months.

”If you work here longer than six months, you will pay taxes in Thailand instead of in Sweden and taxes are much lower here,” said Birger Rexed.


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