Chinese delegation visits Liljewall architects, Gothenburg

In late June 2016 a delegation of Chinese officials from the Beijing Public Housing Center visited Liljewall architects in Gothenburg to learn more about sustainable urban development. Visits were made in Borås, Gårdsten Kvillebäcken and Falkenberg. The visit was a follow up to the Swedish architect firm’s activities in China.

China is in a strong, rapid and massive transformation from a rural to an urban society. In 2011 the proportion of people in cities was larger than in the country. A city dweller in China consumed, in 2010, on average more than three times as much as a person in rural areas – of which urbanization has become an important part of the government’s strategy for continued economic growth as global demand slowed.

In Gårdsten the delegation learned more about Gårdstensbostäder conversion from a problem area into a vibrant neighbourhood. Gårdstensbostäder CEO Michael Pirosanto, who attended, believes that an important element is to share and disseminate knowledge about the journey they have made together with the residents.


The visitors also looked closely at several ongoing projects in Borås, with Fristad Bygg currently building a large number of constructions with glulam and solid wood. Interest in wood construction has increased in recent years and construction methods based on partnerships will be the key to good productivity and quality.

The delegates also visited the newly built district Kvillebäcken with 2,000 new apartments in Hisingen, where Liljewall been involved.

“Decision-makers from the Beijing Public Housing Center are impressed by Swedish knowledge, methodology and how we manage processes and dimensions of sustainable urban development in Sweden. The need for a well thought-out plan for how these issues should be solved in future cities is imminent. New buildings can be made more energy efficient if the will is there, but the millions of homes that already exist will have to be retrofitted if one is to succeed in creating environmentally sustainable cities, “said Peter Rung, architect at Liljewall.


Beijing Public Housing Center works in construction projects in the housing market and provide targeted support in the design, acquisition and development of residential construction in China. In Beijing and its neighbourhood about 10 million new apartments are needed, while the existing housing stock needs to be refurbished.

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