Danish farm support pays off

Denmark supports small farmers in the Thanh Hoa province as part of the support to private sector development in Vietnam. Recently Danish Ambassador John Nielsen visited a stick lac producing company that has increased its income by 140% since 2013 and at the same time reduced its post-harvest losses from 10% to 1%.



John Nielsen also visited a peanut farm that has managed to create a new high yielding peanut type and has trained nearly 6,000 peanut farmers about new cultivation techniques “I think these two projects are good value for money. The figures shows that with the introduction of new technology and more knowledge about the markets you have been able to create remarkable results” the ambassador shared with the farmers.

The objective of the Business Sector Programme is to strengthen the competitiveness of Vietnamese growth- and export-oriented private enterprises and to create decent jobs.


For more information seehttp://vietnam.um.dk/en/danida-en/business/

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