Danish Electro-pop duo playing at Hue Festival

The Danish band “Stoffer&Maskinen” will give two concerts at Hue Festival 2014, Vietnam, next week, on the 15th and 16th of April. The band arrived to Vietnam this morning and we met them for a cup of coffee and a short talk about music and their special relationship to Vietnam. Please enjoy the video clip below that we did today together with the band – performing a little jam session at the Hanoi Social Club before leaving for Hue! Stoffer&Maskinen is invited to Vietnam by the Danish Embassy. The band plays poetic pop music, which is highly influenced by the Nordic winter. The cold is being transformed into a beautiful snow landscape of sound and rhythm by Maskinen’s groovy and organic beats, and Stoffer’s light and almost fragile voice sounds as crisp as footsteps in the newly fallen snow.

Source: Denmark in Vietnam

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