Danish men tend to find love in South East Asia

When a Danish man marries a woman of foreign descent, she is most likely from South East Asia. Four out of the top five foreign nationalities of women moving to Denmark in order to get married are South East Asian, and the number is on the rise. USA is the fifth nationality, ranking number three.

The number of South East Asian women moving to Denmark to marry a Dane has risen over the last year. In 2017 a total of 352 Thai women moved to Denmark for the purpose of marriage, which makes Thai the utmost nationality amongst all women of foreign descent coming to Denmark to marry a Dane. Thai brides to Danish grooms thus constituted 23 percent of the total with Filipino women on second place, accounting for 13 percent with a total of 206 women.

Since 2016 the number of Thai, Filipino and Vietnamese women moving to Denmark to get married has increased remarkably as shown in the figure below. Part of the explanation to the increase of women from Thailand must be found in Danish men’s desire to marry Thai women, whereas the Thai women come to Denmark to find love and send money home to their families, Sine Plambech, Danish migration researcher, explains to Danish media dr.dk. The couples tend to meet via online dating, which especially is being used by the more well-educated Thai women.

Increase of South East Asian women coming to Denmark to get married from 2016 to 2017. Figures obtained from Danmarks Statistik.

There is also an increase of men of foreign descent moving to Denmark to get married, but this number is far lower than that of the women. Only 167 men compared to 1.564 women moved to Denmark in 2017. The men mainly originate from USA and Turkey.

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