Indonesian-Finnish igloos for emergencies introduced

The School of Business and Economics of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya (UPM-SBE), in collaboration with the Embassy of Finland, Jakarta has launched iGLOOS, a multi-function temporary shelter as a solution for disaster-borne refugees in the times of emergency. The innovation was launched at UPM-SBE campus, South Jakarta.

UPM-SBE, supported by the Embassy of Finland through the Local Cooperative Fund (LCF) program, has successfully created this easy-to-set-up, multi-function temporary shelter that is convenient, concise and movable.

The story of iGLOOS started with the idea to engage meaningfully in the humanitarian field, especially in providing proper housing urgently-needed by refugees. Units are expected to be pleasant and secured shelters for refugees, compared to other temporary shelters, such as tents. Each compact mini house of ​​7.84 m2 is equipped with its own folding bed, desk and toilet. It is also equipped with solar panel technology as a storage and conductor of electricity, thereby making it possible for refugees to gain access to the air conditioner or heater. Each shelter also has a mini kitchen and a water bank. Up to four people can be accommodated in one unit.

From Left to Right: Ivan Stephanus Alidjaja, LCF Coordinator (The Embassy of Finland, Indonesia); Yudha Kartana Putra, iGLOOS Architect and Contractor; Prof. Agus W. Suhadi, PhD., Dean of School of Business and Economy (Prasetya Mulya University); Tapani Kivelä, Deputy Head of Mission (The Embassy of Finland, Indonesia); Nico Fernando Samad, iGLOOS Team Leader (Prasetya Mulya University); Prof. Dr. Djisman Simanjuntak, Rector of Prasetya Mulya University; Dr. Taufik Kartiko, Director of Refugees Management, (National Agency for Disaster Management of Republic of Indonesia/BNPB); Prof. Djoko Wintoro, PhD., Vice Rector 2 (Prasetya Mulya University)

Those who have been trained for the purpose can build one in only four hours by four people. On the other hand, they can be dismantled within one hour. As a practical, convenient and secure option, iGLOOS are expected to be an ideal solution for temporary sheltering for example in the event of natural disasters.

Prof. Djisman Simandjuntak, the Rector of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya and Dr. Taufik Kartiko, Deputy Director Refugee of the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) attended the launch. Mr. Tapani Kivelä, the Deputy Head of the Mission represented the Embassy of Finland. Representatives from national and multinational companies were also present among representatives from other Indonesian universities (ITB, UI and IPB) that have interest in ‘sociopreneur’ collaboration.

Source: Embassy of Finland, Jakarta

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