Swedish man arrested in Bali for allegedly assaulting and refusing to pay a sex worker

Photo illustration of a person in handcuffs. Photo: Klaus Hausmann/Pixabay

Bali police have arrested a 44-year-old Swedish national for alleged assault against a sex worker, local media Coconuts Bali reports.

According to a recent statement, Hadimastika Karsito Putro, head of the general crimes unit at South Denpasar sub-precinct said that the Swedish national identified by his initial D, assaulted the victim identified by her initials AP after he reportedly refused to pay up after their date last month. D also pointed a gun and knife at AP.

“AP was hit several times with a fist on the face, head, neck, and left arm. D also choked and pointed a gun on her face, and put a knife on her throat,” Hadimastika Karsito Putro said. Police also found an airsoft handgun while searching D’s home, reports show.

According to statements from AP, a friend of D initially called her close to midnight and asked her to keep his friend company on 21 March for an agreed fee of IDR800,000 (US$55.17). AP came with her friend and they drank with D’s friend, D, and the rest of their group for the rest of the night until D took her into a room at about 6 am. After they were finished, AP asked D to pay up the agreed amount of money to which D refused which led to an argument that eventually led to the alleged result.

The Swedish man could face up to 2 years and 8 months in prison for assault under Indonesia’s criminal code (KUHP). Sex work is technically illegal in the country but in the statement, the police did not go into detail about AP’s status as a sex worker.

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