Danish company Bestseller urges EU to take action on Myanmar

Danish Bestseller, the international, family-owned fashion company has urged the European Union (EU) to develop clear guidelines for how companies should conduct themselves when economic sanctions are imposed, media fibre2fashion reports.

In a statement, Anders Holch Povlsen, CEO and owner of Bestseller said, “We cannot imagine anything worse than if our company, in any way possible, should contribute to the situation Myanmar now finds itself in. Our work in the country to date has been about the exact opposite – contributing positively to the country’s development, both economically and politically.”

On March 19 this year, Bestseller suspended its collaboration with suppliers in Myanmar and the company will present a report on its work in the country. Bestseller has stated that the company will not resume business in Myanmar until the country is back on the right track again.

“We urge the European Union’s foreign ministers to draw up guidelines for how European companies should respond and – not least – how we, most ethically and responsibly, can withdraw from locations where sanctions require it,” Anders Holch Povlsen said in the statement.

“Our biggest concern is the 48,000 factory workers that work at the 36 factories that we and other companies have business with. Their livelihoods rely upon a stable democracy that can secure jobs and development through trade,” Anders Holch Povlsen added.

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