Svenska Handelsbanken and Standard Chartered Join Hand in Asia

Svenska Handelsbanken (Handelsbanken) has entered into an agreement with Standard Chartered Bank relating to cash management services in nine Asian countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UAE and China.
         Under the agreement, corporate customers of Handelsbanken will be able to open bank accounts with Standard Chartered. Via Handelsbanken’s global cash management system, customers will be able to access account information, and make payments at both Handelsbanken and Standard Chartered branches. 
         In China, the agreement also means that customers will be able to carry out their transactions in the local currency. This forms an excellent complement to the range of services on offer at Handelsbanken’s new branch in Shanghai. 
         Handelsbanken has the strongest presence in Asia of all Nordic banks and is the first Nordic bank to open a branch in Shanghai. This will be Handelsbanken’s third branch in Asia on top of Singapore and Hong Kong. Handelsbanken also maintains representative offices in Beijing and Taipei.
         Johan Condé of Handelsbanken noted to ScandAsia that Handelsbanken maintain their branches in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai with full banking capacity.

One Comment on “Svenska Handelsbanken and Standard Chartered Join Hand in Asia”

  1. Can you please advice if i have cheque pay by any Thai Bank in Bangkok . I don’t have any Bank account in Thailand. I have only Handelsbanken in Sweden. CAN I deposit this cheque at Standard Charter Bank in Thailand /or Handelsbanken in Thailand to my account in Sweden?. My question are..
    1. Can I do that?.
    2. How long does the bank takes to clearing my cheque till I can get money in Sweden. ?
    3. Bank charge? Assume my cheque valued 1,000,000.0 THB.

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