Watch Out for Animal Bites in Thailand

According to Danish newspaper, Politiken, Thailand is a dangerous place when it comes to animal bites. Last year, 32 Danes were bitten by animals in Thailand which could mean that they catch rabies. 17 Danes were bitten by dogs, 10 by monkeys and 5 Danes were bitten by cats.
 If you are bitten by an animal – mosquitoes not included – you should see a doctor immediately. Animal bites can be lethal, but only four people have died in the last 30 years in Europe due to unfortunate contact with animals – all four were bitten by bats.
The rabies virus is dangerous as a person who is carrying it does not show any symptoms in the initial phase. When symptoms such as drooling, anxiety and spasms start, it is often too late to treat the disease. Rabies can be prevented by vaccination.
Worldwide, rabies is something to fear. According to Netdoktor, 40 – 70.000 people die each year due to rabies. Most of the fatalities are in India.

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