Norwegians Open Training School In Clark For Seamen

A Norwegian nautical firm has opened a training school at the Clark Polytechnic here for ship crew to support the growing manpower demand of international shipping companies.
    The Norwegian Marine Services Training Institute Corp. (NMSTIC) signed a deal with Clark Development Corp. (CDC) during the launch of three training programs for ship mess boys, cooks and specialized welding for ship building and repair.
    Jose Vladimir Sampang, Clark Polytechnic executive director, said students completing the program would be assured of immediate employment abroad, particularly from its Norwegian partners.
    NMSTIC Vice-President Erling T. Rune said training for mess boys would run for 22 days, while training for cooks and precision/underwater welding programs will run for at least a month.
    NMSTIC charges P1,500 for tuition fee inclusive of food, room accommodation and materials to be used during the training.
    He said cooks and mess boys are in high demand in Norway and nearby European countries. In Norway alone, more than 500 ships are in need of their service.
    The training center is under construction and will be equipped with air-conditioned classrooms, LCD projectors, a speech laboratory and other.

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