Danish Headset Maker Introduces Jabra Brand To RP Enterprise Market

electronics firm GN Netcom, which used to make wireless headsets for offices
and call centers under its own corporate name, has reintroduced its products in
the Philippines
but this time under the famous Jabra brand.
    The company
entered the local market eight years ago when it appointed local firm Comlan
Inc. to distribute and market its Jabra wireless headsets for mobile phones. However,
it is only now that GN Netcom has launched its enterprise products under the
Jabra label.
    Shaz Khan,
president and managing director of GN Netcom Asia Pacific, said in a press
briefing last July 22 that the burgeoning call center industry in the Philippines is
creating a huge demand for products like corporate headsets.
    GN Netcom
claimed it controls approximately 25 percent of the mobile market and has about
35 percent market share in the call center and office segments worldwide.
    In 2006, GN
Netcom manufactured 27 million headsets, which is equivalent to more than 50
units made every minute of the year, the company said. It was also during that
year when it became the first company to launch the dual-connection wireless
headset for traditional and IP telephony. A year earlier, it was also the first
firm to certify the world’s first Bluetooth 2.0 headset.
    Aside from
making headsets for the mobile phones and call centers, the company also serves
as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of headsets for mobile phone, PC,
and PDA companies.
139-year-old electronics firm, established in Copenhagen, Denmark
in 1869, said it is upbeat on consumer market because the worldwide market for
Bluetooth headsets is expected to rise nearly 161 million in 2010.
    A driver of
growth, the company said, is music. Citing a research by Strategy Analytics, it
is estimated that seven in ten of the billion phones forecast to be sold
globally this year will have music playback capabilities.


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