Go-kart Race At Pattaya´s Bira Circuit

August 3,
2008 the go-kart people from Kartthai will drive around them self´s once again.
The great event will be held at Pattaya’s Bira circuit, wich is situated beside
the Pattaya-Rayong highway.
Time trials
start around 9 o’clock  and then there
will be race heats all day long until 4.30 in the afternoon.
Scandinavian racers will be participating in different classes.
drivers are 7 years old and oldest 60+.
is free and more info can be found from www.kartthai.com or from Jukka
Koivistoinen. Please check Scandasias.com events calendar.
There will also be live broadcast from the race on UBC Super Sport channel.

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