The Royal Danish Embassy in Thailand Tastes Soup for New Danish Company

The new Danish company Seafood Flavours A/S presents their very first product in Bangkok at the Food Ingredients Asia 2008. A representative from the Royal Danish Embassy in Thailand therefore went to a Thai cooking school in order to taste soup. She was helping Seafood Flavours A/S choose a soup for the fair, where the new Danish company will launch their first product. 
 Seafood Flavours A/S is a subsidiary of Vilsund Muslinge Industri A/S from the Danish city Nykøbing Mors. They’re going to produce extracts from different seafood. Their first product is an extract from mussels. Although the regional sales manager, Uffe Appelon Petersen, believes the Far East will turn out to be the biggest market for the company’s products, it is a coincidence that the first product will be presented in Thailand.
 “We’re also going to a fair in Paris in November. The fair in Bangkok just happened to be sooner, and we just want to get started as soon as possible,” says Uffe Appelon Petersen.

On Friday September 5 2008 Elaheh Peyman Tabar, a trainee at the Royal Danish Embassy, went to a Thai cooking school in order to choose a soup, Seafood Flavours A/S can hand out at the fair. In advance Seafood Flavours had sent their extract from mussels to the Embassy in order for them to find a cook, who could try the product in Asian cooking. 
 At Wandee Culinary School three different soups had been made. After tasting them all several times Elaheh Peyman Tabar decided to go with a traditional Thai soup.  
 “They’re all really good, but I think this is the one, Thai people will like the best,” said Elaheh Peyman Tabar and continued:
 “It is also the soup, where you can taste the extract the best, and I think that is quite important if you want to sell the product.”

Uffe Appelon Petersen hopes the Food Ingredients Asia 2008 will give Seafood Flavours A/S a chance of showing what they can deliver. Hopefully they’ll find different sales connections in Asia, who will be interested in their products. 
 The Danish regional sales manager expects to need more help from the Royal Danish Embassy in the future, when Seafood Flavours A/S is beginning to sell their products to Asia.

Food Ingredients Asia 2008 will take place at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center from September 24.-26. 2008. Seafood Flavours A/S will be present all three days.

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