Kesko Group To Sell More Asia Food

Finland’s Kesko Group is looking to source processed food worth around 2.3ten rupiah (E170m) from Indonesia in 2009, to be sold at its outlets in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.
    The news was confirmed by Bachrul Choiri, Head of the National Export Development Agency, who said he had received a visit from Kesko.
    Choiri added, “Around 31 domestic processed food companies are deliberately invited to meet directly with the potential buyer”.
    Kesko has asked for a direct meeting in order to eliminate any third parties. He added that Kesko would later visit those companies whose products it was interested in.
    Kesko has been sourcing food products from other Asian countries, particularly Thailand, and is looking to source products such canned fruit and tuna, canned vegetable, canned fish, instant noodle, and other snacks from Indonesian companies.

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