ScandAsia Under Spam Attack

ScandAsia is curently being targetted by one or more spammers, posting mostly garbage comments after many of our articles. We are not sure if the websites which some of the messages link to, could harm our readers computers. We therefore simply suggest all readers not to follow the links even out of curiosity.
As the messages are not politically motivated or hateful towards indiviuals, our response at this point is simply to wipe out all these messages in the morning and in the evening. This could be an exhausting battle for the spammer(s) and eventually the attampt to fill up our pages with the messages could be abandoned. If that turns out to be futile, there are various scripts available that can automatically delete the messages. Eventually, we could install images with a unique code, which posters must type in before posting.
At this point we don’t want to reveal what else we can do, except mention that we have reported the activity to the new Thai cyber police force.
We ask all our regular readers to just live with it for the time being. It will most likely soon be over.
Thank you!

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