Swedish Van Duong Thanh’s Open Exhibition

“Inspiration from Bronze Drum” is the name of an exhibition taking place from November 27-30 by Vietnamese Swedish painter Van Duong Thanh in Hanoi.
   The exhibition features 20 large-sized paintings, many of which are inspired by patterns found on Dong Son bronze drums at the Dong Son Drum restaurant at 1 Nguyen Dang Ninh, Hanoi.
   Among these paintings, many have never been displayed, including Moonlight over Small Alley, Sunlight on Spring Field, O Quan Chuong in Spring, Wild Flowers in Wind, and The Buddhist and Daisies.
   The exhibition is being held with the cooperation between the artist and Dong Son Restaurant, aiming to introduce painting art to the public.
   Van Duong Thanh was born in Phu Yen Province and studied painting for twelve years during the difficult times of the American war in Vietnam.
   She has lived in Sweden since 1988, and has since returned to Vietnam many times to study its people, cultures and landscapes. Through her paintings, viewers can appreciate the Vietnamese spirit, soul, and the beauty of nature because Thanh’s works use tranquil oils and lacquers to explore every corner of the country.
   Aside from many exhibitions at home, Thanh has staged over 65 solo exhibitions in foreign countries like France, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, the United States and Sweden. Through these exhibitions, she has brought Vietnamese art to the outside world.
   With her great contribution to Vietnamese fine art, Thanh was honored as an ambassador of Vietnamese culture in Sweden for her effort to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.
   She is one of the most recognized female artists in Asia.
   She is the youngest painter to have a painting bought for display at the Vietnam Art Museum: White Daisy, which she painted at the age of 20.
   She mostly leans towards an expressive, semi-abstract style with bright colors. She has conceived and finished over 1,500 paintings which mainly feature Vietnam’s people and the beauty of nature.

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