Norwegians Want to Introduce Climate Friendly Paint to Malaysia

An increase in surrounding temperatures result in increased greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, and more energy needed to cool homes and offices. But now the Norwegian-owned paint company Jotun has come up with a possible solution – a paint called Jotun Jotashield Extreme that reflects heat twice as effectively as ordinary paints, and that prevents the growth of algae and fungus. The company plans to introduce the paint to the Malaysian market.  

Jotun is committed to introducing the paint to the Malaysian market because of the countrys high temperature and humidity.
“Combine that with high rainfall and pollution and you’ve got the perfect example of a harsh tropical climate,” says Peder Bohlin, the company’s managing director and South-East Asia regional director.
The special paint-formulation consists of heat reflective pigments with a pure acrylic binder that can withstand UV rays and provide enhanced durability. “We also included a non-toxic biocide to prevent growth of algae and fungus,” says Saw Soek Im, Jotun (M) Sdn Bhd Asia Pacific regional laboratory manager. “The heat-reflective properties ensure that less heat is absorbed by the walls, thus resulting in lower surface temperatures, lower indoor temperatures, and lower cooling costs,” he adds.
Malaysian Institute of Architects president Lee Chor Wah is positive towards Jotun’s plans. “My personal view is that using a heat-reflective paint is an easy way to contribute to the green cause and be part of the movement. It cools down the interior of your house and you save energy,” Lee says. “There is also the feel-good factor that you’re doing something to help save the environment. If you cannot paint the whole house, just paint the western wall first (as that wall would receive the most sun and heat the interior up at night),” he suggests.
Jotashield Extreme, is available in 120 colours, and was developed over five years during which it was subjected to intensive simulation tests, such as accelerated weathering and wet scrub resistance.


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