Icelandic Tourist Drugged And Robbed By Three Women

On Saturday Morning at the Walk-in Mansions located in Soi Beokeow, Police Lieutenant Colonel Wongsawat from Pattaya Police Station made his way to room number A303 occupied by Mr. Sigurdur Hafsteinsson aged 53 from Iceland who reported being drugged and robbed by three women he had picked-up from the street.

It was his intention to take the women back to his room for some late night fun, however he soon became sleepy and passed-out and woke up the next morning to find that money had been stolen from his room. He revealed to Police that he accepted a glass of water from the women, as they prepared to get down to business.

He is sure that medication to assist sleeping was placed inside the glass. 2,500 US Dollars was taken from the room. The case was documented by Police and descriptions of the three women have been circulated amongst officers who will try and locate them before they strike again.

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