Young Swedish Woman Raped By Gang on Phuket

According to Phuketwan the Swedish woman, aged in her 20s, said she and a group of her friends had been partying at a Nai harn bar near the beach until 4am.
She met a Thai boy she liked at a bar the night before, they had some drinks together and early Saturday she had sex with him on a beach lounger, not far from the lagoon at the southern approach to Nai Harn beach.
Three men on foot then emerged from the dark after they had sex, she said, beat her male friend, and took her with them.
Her male companion ran away and returned with her Swedish friends, three young women and three men.
Afterwards the woman told police she was raped, but it was not clear by how many, Phuketwan reports. A medical examination showed she’d had sex with only one man, not two or more, police said Sunday.
Officers also said that all people involved in the case were still drunk Saturday morning when interviewed for the first time.

Police are now pursuing the three men who allegedly kidnapped the woman after beating up the man she had sex with at Nai Harn.

Nai Harn and the vicinity of the lagoon figured in at least one rape of an expat woman and the attempted rape of an expat while out jogging in incidents last year.

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