Indonesian President Yudhoyono, Prince Charles to Meet in Oslo

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is slated to meet the Prince of Wales, better known as Prince Charles of the United Kingdom in the Norwegian capital.

Presidential spokesman Julian A Pasha said in Oslo, Norway, on Thursday that the meeting will be held on the sidelines of the Climate and Forestry Conference at Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica in Oslo.

“It would still be about the environment,” Julian said, adding that the meeting is held at the request of Prince Charles.

The meeting between the President and the British crown prince will be held for about 25 minutes before the head of state receives UNEP executive director Archim Steiner and UNDP director Helen Clark.

Prince Charles has always been heavily involved in environmental issues.

The former husband of the late Lady Diana also pointed out that the management of nature is also called on by all religious creeds.

In his visit to Indonesia, he also visited Jambi to give aid for forest conservation.

Prince Charles’ idea of fund raising was a great support to the Kyoto Protocol and showed that the developed countries already had a wish to help the developing countries overcome climate change.

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