Denmark Brought Thailand to Eurovision Song Contest

Asia and Europe is represented in one person at the Eurovision Song Contest. Danish contestant Christina Chanée has a Danish mother and a Thai father. She is born and raised in Denmark with an exception of a few months when she was five.

“My mom and dad wanted to test if it was better for us to live in his homeland. But we ended up moving back to Denmark,” tells Christina Chanée.

Inspired by Buddhism
“I am not a Buddhist, but if I should be anything in a religious manner, then I would be a Buddhist. All other religions have a long set of rules focusing on what is prohibited, while Buddhism is about being calm and in harmony with yourself and the people you love.”
Also in her home in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen her inspiration of Buddhism is visible.
“One of the first words my daughter said was “Buddha”. I have many Buddha figures in my home. I love to look at them and they remind me of my dad.”
Around her neck is a gold necklace her father gave her mom when they met. Her father died when she was 15 years old, and her mom died just one month before the national pre-selection for Eurovision Song Contest in February.
“The necklace means a lot to me. I kissed it before the Danish final in Aalborg, and I’ll kiss it again before I enter the stage in Oslo.”

“In a moment like this”
Together with Thomas n’evergreen she’ll perform in the 2nd semi final Thursday May the 27th with the song “In a moment like this” which is one of the favourites among the bookmakers. If they succeed there, they’ll perform again at the grand final two days later.
Many Danish singers and bands has had huge success in Asia, among them Michael Learns To Rock. Christina Chanée’s boyfriend is Mikkel Riber who has played bass with Michael Learns To Rock.

Next stop Asia?
“It could be fantastic to get into the Asian market. Our songs are universal pop music which also has an appeal in Asia. Thomas (n’evergreen; ed.) and I have talked about it, but right now we have our hands full in Europe.”
Chanée is christened Christina Ratchanee Birch Wongskul but shortened it herself to Christina Chanée.
“My christened name is too long for an artist, and I like the sound and look of my name with two c’s.”

Chanée the gibbon
Do you know Chanée means gibbon in Thai?
“I didn’t know that. That’s really funny. But I know some of my Thai friends also have nick names after animals, like Moo (pig) etc.”
On November 28th Mumbai, India will host the first Asian version of Eurovision Song Contest – it’ll be called Our Sound, the Asia-Pacific Song Contest, and 14 countries are expected to participate.

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