E-Learning Solutions for SME Exporters

The first ever group of Vietnamese online instructors has been certified, with support from Danida. The online instructors are key players in battling the problem of poorly-trained, unqualified human resources threatening to undermine the competitiveness of Vietnamese SME exporters in the global markets.
 Trained managers and marketing personnel is a major bottleneck in terms of reaching export markets for many SME exporters.

Especially SME exporters located in the provinces have difficulties getting their personnel trained, as the few qualified trainers available in Vietnam are all located in the two major cities.

With support from the Danish Business Sector Programme Support (BSPS), Organizational Capacity Development Company (OCD) therefore developed the Online Management Training program (OMT), the likes of which has not been available in Vietnam before. The OMT program provides Vietnamese SME exporters with customized e-learning solutions that are relevant, cost-effective and flexible, saving training costs for the companies by as much as 60%.

As the success of the OMT program heavily depends on having a large number of certified online instructors to facilitate the courses, two groups of trainers were sent to attend the University of Illinois’ Master Online Teacher Certificate program.

Recently, the first group officially received their Master Online Teacher Certificates. The group, consisting of 20 trainers and associates based in Hanoi and Dak Lak, had gone through an intensive 12 month program conducted entirely online by the prestigious University of Illinois and the Illinois Online Network.
Mr. Do Thanh Chung, OCD associate trainer in Dak Lak, who completed the program with straight As, shared his experience:

“The 12 months I participated in the Master Online Teacher Certificate Program was one of the most challenging but also most exciting times of my life. Never before had I imagined that I could take part in and successfully complete a formal training program in the US, half the globe away from my home, while continuing my teaching and consulting work in Dak Lak and Dak Nong provinces”. The Master Online Teacher Certificate program has given Vietnamese SME exporters the first team of certified Vietnamese trainers capable of delivering quality managerial training in both classroom and e-learning mode. Hopefully this will help many SME exporters escape the vicious circle of poorly-trained, unqualified human resources threatening to undermine their competitiveness in the global markets.

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