Danish Choir Performed for Chinese Topstars

The Southern Denmark’s Girls Choir performed in front of Chinese super stars Yao Ming and Jackie Chan at the World EXPO on 25 July 2010.  

The Southern Denmark’s Girls Choir was selected to represent Denmark in a gala performance at the EXPO Cultural Centre on 25 July 2010. The choir performed in front of Chinese super stars such as basket player Yao Ming, pianist Lang Lang and movie star Jackie Chan.

The three stars are all ambassadors for EXPO 2010 and they have together with the support from hundreds of Chinese and global celebrities initiated an ’EXPO-stars’ series of activities with the purpose of supporting the needs of the world’s children.

The performance was a joyful celebration for stars and children, but also the gathering of EXPO Ambassadors for the first time. The children, who were victims of the Wenchuan and Yushu earthquake, participated and shared their life experiences with other children from around the world.

The Denmark Pavilion supports the ‘EXPO Stars’ events and several stars have already paid visits to the Denmark Pavilion together with many different children from all over the world.

The Southern Denmark’s Girls’ Choir are in China on their way home from this year’s 6th World Choir Games held in Shaoxing close to Shanghai – the world’s largest choir competition for amateurs all over the world. 



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