Sultanate told to invest in Sweden

One of the participants in the Swedish business delegation to Brunei was Mr Kai Hammerich, Director General for ISA, the state owned Invest in Sweden Agency.
     ISA´s mission is to tempt foreign investors to put their money in Sweden.
     “Kai Hammerich took part as speaker at the ´Swedish-Bruneian Business Seminar´ with around 100 participants. He spoke on the topic ´Business and Investment Opportunities in Sweden´. The trip was a first contact with potential investors,” says Ms Annika Rembe, from ISA´s press department.
     Why did ISA go to Brunei?
“In December 2003 did ISA visit five Middle Eastern countries, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia to inform about investment opportunities in Sweden. Large international, including to Europe, investments are made from these countries. The same goes for Brunei.”
     No interested speculators have approached ISA so far but the agency will follow up the trip on a continuous basis.

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