DEA Drug Information Project a Huge Success

17 separate drug-related cases have been solved thanks to a US drug enforcement agency website and a recent campaign for members of the public to give information on suspected drug users and dealers.

Police Colonel Nantawoot, the Pattaya Police Chief held a press conference at Pattaya Police Station in association with the Royal Thai Navy and Narcotics Suppression Bureau to announce the arrest of six suspected drug dealers and seven drug users. Four drug users and dealers wanted on arrest warrants were also captured.

A variety of class 1 and class 5 drugs, including 23 Yabba Tablets, 9 packets weighing 9.6g of Crystal Methamphetamine and 18 packets of Marijuana were seized.

Operation Hotspot which is supported by the US Drug Enforcement Agency is still ongoing and if you have information on any suspected drug dealers and users that you are prepared to share with the authorities you can contact them via

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