King’s Friend Admits Guilt for Criminal Contact

A close friend of Sweden King Carl XVI has confirmed and assumed full responsibility for contacts with criminals with the purpose of silencing sensitive material.

“With this statement I want to ask my family, all my friends and not least the King for forgiveness for having harmed them with my initiative,” Anders Lettström wrote in an email sent to the TT news agency.

Lettström continued to profess that he “is deeply regretful that he initiated contact with unprofessional and criminal people with regards to the book Carl XVI Gustaf – Den motvillige monarken” (‘Carl XVI Gustaf – The Reluctant Monarch’)”.

He admitted that he had shown a lack of judgement and pointed out that none of his friends had been involved or had any information over what he had been doing.

“I had sought an understanding over how so many lies about myself and others could have been dispersed in a book. Others have since wanted me to buy pictures which I was not aware of, not seen and not wanted to buy and to get me to pay for denials of untruthful statements which I would never have dreamed of buying,” Lettström explained.

When TT reached Anders Lettström by telephone he explained that he had written the letter as everything had assumed such large proportions and also led to other people having been exposed.

“There have been so many misinterpretations and speculation,” he said.

“There is no rhyme or reason to what is happening in Sweden at the moment.”

Royal Court spokesperson Bertil Ternert said that Lettström has been a hunted man and that there had been “an indication” that he was considering releasing something.

When asked whether that “indication” had reached him, Ternert replied:

“That I can’t answer,” denying that the Royal Court had any part in formulating the email.

“What he does now or how he acts he does by himself. There is no involvement from the Royal Court,” Ternert explained.

Lettström allegedly met with known criminals in an attempt to stop the publication of information about the king’s rumoured activities at strip clubs.

The source of the information in the book is Milan Sevo, a former night club owner with alleged links to organised crime, who claims that he has some sort of photo evidence.

Recordings were recently released where Sevo’s bodyguard, Daniel Webb and a person who says he is the King’s friend, are heard having a discussion about how to contact one of the book’s sources to find out what type of sensitive material he had.

Lettström at first denied making contact with any criminals, although the Royal Court later confirmed that it was his voice on the tape.


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