Symposium on Sino-Danish University Collaboration

Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research (SDC) held its second symposium on 24 August in Copenhagen with participation from both Chinese and Danish academics. 

The SDC, which aims to conduct ground-breaking research in health, energy and environment, is a joint project between Denmark’s eight universities, the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and its Graduate University (GUCAS).

Acting as a bridge between scientists in China and Denmark, SDC will conduct research into nanoscience and technology, water and environment, neuroscience, renewable energy and the social sciences.

“The Sino-Danish Center is important for both Denmark and China,” said Hans Gregersen, the SDC’s Executive Director.

“It gives both countries access to each others’ human resources and talent but also natural resources and scientific equipment. And that is important in a globalized world,” he told Xinhua.

The symposium attracted some 120 participants from Chinese and Danish universities, as well as Danish industry, with the intention of further developing SDC’s research and teaching programs.

SDC wants to recruit highly-competent students from both China and Denmark at GUCAS’ future campus in Beijing, capital of China. According to Zhu Xiangbin, the SDC’s Principal Director, teaching staff will be drawn in equal numbers from China and Denmark.

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