Norway Court Orders Open Breivik Hearing – but…

Oslo District Court has ruled Anders Behring Breivik’s forthcoming remand hearing must be open for the aggrieved and Press.
In the ruling, the Court stipulated that only those with an appointed counsel would be allowed access to the 19th September hearing. All photography and court reporting by the Media is banned.
The decision goes against police requests for a closed hearing, amongst fears any information released would have an effect on victims and families, but Breivik’s defence lawyer Geir Lippestad welcomed the move.
“This is exactly what we have been arguing for, and consequently fully agree that the hearing be open to the public. It’s fundamental in Norwegian case law and an important legal principle,” he said to NTB.
The Court’s ruling also stated it does not expect many aggrieved and survivors will come to the hearing.

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