Danish Viking in LA finds jewelry in Asia

With LA Fashion Week on the calendar, the buzz of upcoming brands is the talk of the town. I was recently introduced to some of the hottest new brands hitting the industry. “Nialaya,” is a jewelry line designed to bring good luck on life’s journey to those who believe in unconditional love. The pieces are made of precious and semi-precious stones, beads, and materials from around the world. Danish-born designer Jannik Olander founded “Nialaya”. Although the company is based in Los Angeles, New York City, and Copenhagen, the precious and semi-precious stones, beads and materials in “Nialaya’s’ collections are handpicked by the designer on his travels around the world.

The native Danish (designer) Viking has a love for style and luxury, but most of all his many trips to the Far East. Bali, Thailand and India have become favorite destinations for collecting inspiration, inhaling, gaining insight and rejuvenating before a new piece of jewelry comes to life.

Jannik handpicks the precious stones, beads and pendants that influence him to construct the next one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. The energy, charisma and texture of each stone initiate the birth of a new collection. Every stone has healing powers and can amplify and increase the bearer’s own energy.

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