No Declaration of Public Holidays in Thailand

The Royal Thai Government has not declared 27 to 31 October public holidays no matter how widely this misinformation is circulated.
The government URGED the public and private sector to allow THEIR FLOOD-HIT STAFF some time off, so that they would have a chance to look after their property and protect their homes.

The call was made on 25 October 2011 by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, who said that the affected government officials and company employees would spend the time off to move their property to safe places or prepare for their relocation.
The announcement followed a Cabinet decision earlier the same day to approve a GOVERNMENT holiday on Thursday (October 27), Friday (October 28), and Monday (October 31) in the affected 21 provinces, including Bangkok.

The Thai language announcement issued the same day specifies that the Cabinet approval concerns a government holiday for staff not essential in the flood fighting operation and other necessary operations like workers in the electricity sector.
 This announcement further urges food industry and other private companies producing necessary goods not to stop worrking in order not to create a shortage of goods in the market place.


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