Carlsberg starts brewing beer in Myanmar

The Danish brewery Carlsberg is moving into Myanmar calling it an important milestone in an expansion adventure in Asia.

“We have been following the development in Myanmar closely and have been encouraged by the recent political development. We believe that the timing is right to invest in the country,” says Roy Bagattini who is the senior vice president of Carlsberg Asia.

In the future Myanmar Golden Star will be responsible for brewing and distributing  Carlsberg’s beer in Myanmar. The joint venture company will be called Myanmar Carlsberg with Carlsberg as the main shareholder controlling 51 percent. For Carlsberg this means an investment in a new brewery and organisation costing the company 275 million DKK, writes Jyllands-Posten.

Carlsberg expects the beer market in Myanmar to experience a boom as the economy continues to grow.

“Myanmar Golden Star is a partner we have known for many years. This partnership is a part of our growing presence in the country,” says Bagattini.

The goal for the Danish giant is  upping revenue in Asia. At the moment Asia makes up for 18 percent of the company’s  revenue and 12 percent of the profit, but Carlsberg is aiming big and sees Myanmar as a natural step into the Asian market.

Indochina is an important region for Carlsberg in Asia as they have leading positions in Laos and Cambodia and a strong presence in Vietnam as well. Recently the brewery established partnership with leading brewery in Thailand, Singha.

Original article in Danish 

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