Danish Women’s Network presents the first concert of HUSH, Danish Duo, in Thailand for charity

Danish Women’s Network (DWN) in Bangkok organized their charity concert for Children of the Forest (COF), a Thai Foundation for Stateless children, on Thursday, 28 February 2019. This second concert was held as the unique opportunity presented itself to offer an evening with Hush, a Danish duo, consisting of singer, Dorthe Gerlach and guitarist, Michael Hartmann for the first time ever in Thailand.

The guests were having a great time enjoying their favorite snacks and drinks before the concert began. (Photo: Nilobon Bantoey)

The concert took place at Park Court condo in Sukhumvit 77 with around 50 guests who were invited to bring their favorite snacks and drinks. Before the concert began, Trine Paludan, one of the DWN’s members, gave her opening speech to welcome guests and gave a short background of what COF is and which part of COF that would be supported by this concert tonight.

The concert tonight was about paying for lunch for 24 high school students from COF. The lunch fees for each student cost 600 Baht per month so, for 24 students, it will cost 14,400 Baht per month.

“We will aim to funding as many lunches as we can” said Trine.

Some of COF’s students that were supported for lunch fees by DWN’s concert (Photo: Nilobon Bantoey)

Hush is a Danish country-pop duo which has been performing their music in Denmark, UK, Cannada and America since 1997. Dorthe and Michael started their long journey on the streets of Denmark where they met for the first time and decided that they should combine their talents. In 2005, Hush was nominated for five categories from Danish Music Awards and at the same year, Hush won a European Border Breaker award for selling their debut album the most in the EU outside their country.

“This is our very first show in Bangkok and Asia. We are very excited to be here,” Dorthe said before started her first song.

(Photo: Earthsoundbkk, the sound system organizer of the concert)

One of the charms of the Hush performance was, that every time before Dorthe would sing her next song, she would always share with the audience the stories behind the song or tell stories about inspiring people that Dorthe and Michael had met during their trips.

The guests were entertained by Hush’s performance
(Photo: Earthsoundbkk, the sound system organizer of the concert)

At the concert, the guests’ old memories were brought back by a Nordic vibe from Hush’s beautiful country-pop songs such as Darkhorse, Say a little prayer, Home, Up to the mountain and more.


Check out videos of Hush’s show from the links below:

HUSH performed Wilder Girl

HUSH-Up to the mountain



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