How to Hire Foreigners in Taiwan

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By Hanna Bennett

There are numerous opportunities for business expansion in Taiwan. But, like any country, you must be compliant with the Taiwanese law to take your business there and hire employees. Any foreigner that wishes to work here is also required to sign an employment contract with the organization that they wish to work for. Upon signing an agreement, the hiring company is then required to apply for a work permit from the country’s Ministry of Labor before they start working.

Seeking help from PEO services
Suppose you do not wish to recruit staff yourself, you can always use international payroll services. These PEO companies help you to recruit employees, manage their payroll, as well as help small and medium-size companies expand their operations abroad. But how can a foreigner find work in Taiwan? Here are tips that you could use to recruit employees in this country:

1. Utilize
Most of the job seekers in Taiwan often use to find jobs in the line of work that they wish to be in. However, this website uses Mandarin, hence you must have a good command of this language for you to share opportunities on this platform. Given that it is one of the most common software used in Taiwan, you are bound to attract high-talent professionals.

2. Learn the language
If you are thinking about expanding operations in this country, you need to learn the language so that you can comfortably communicate with people. You need to learn Mandarin, the main language of the Taiwanese people. Learning the language of the country you want to do business in will help you to understand the people’s culture which will help you recruit staff with ease. Having some knowledge of the language of the locals will also help you navigate through the problems that may arise at work among your staff. Additionally, to connect with your foreign workers, being able to understand their language is mandatory.

3. Check out your staff social media
When you are hiring employees in a foreign country, you need to check their social media handles particularly their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Given that most people use social media these days, their posts and comments on these platforms will help you understand the person you are hiring. The catch is that people tend to be carefree on these social platforms which makes it easy for you to tell who they truly are.

4. Hire those that initiate contact first
In any industry, there will be those serious job seekers that write to you about the possibility of a job opportunity in your organization. Most of the people who result in such active job searching activities are often the most determined people you will ever work with. Suppose you have already established physical operations in Taiwan, you need to allow your gatekeepers to let on people who walk into your company in search of a job. Hiring walk-ins will save you money and time that you originally spend on an advertisement.

5. Form networks
Networking is not an activity for job seekers alone. Upon arrival in Taiwan, you need to start forming networks with stakeholders to find the right talent for your company. People often know some of the most talented and multi-skilled people to work with and they will always give you good referrals. Additionally, you could attend functions where job seekers flock in the hope of meeting potential employers. Some of the forums that you could go to form networks include career fairs, conferences, tech tool launches as well as local college activities. It is never wrong to take an active role in finding your perfect staff.

6. Hire entry-level workers
Sometimes, you may need to start working with the entry-level workers and then mold them to suit your organization’s needs. While it takes a lot of time and sometimes resources to train interns, once they are well equipped with the skills that you need, you then select a few from the pool that you have and hire them.

When you move to Taiwan, the first thing that you will need to do is comply with the law of the land. Following that, you may require to learn the language and culture for you to navigate the differences that may come up. Lastly, you must do a background check on the people you hire.


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