New Tv- series about injured Swedes in Thailand


The Swedish series, SOS Thailand, will be aired during two weeks on Swedish TV3, starting tonight. The show revolves around the people who are involved in helping Swedish tourists, who are somehow injured in Thailand. The show follows Maj and Jan from ERV travel insurance who help travelers at the company’s Euro-Center in Bangkok and flight nurse Erik who helps transport tourists to sick or injured to travel on their own.

Every year 400,000 Swedes journey to Thailand. Leaving Sweden for sun, bathing and relaxing, the expectations are high, but for many, the dream vacation ends before time because of accidents or disease. SOS Thailand follows the Swedes that work in bringing injured Scandinavians back home.

2012 was a tough year for Swedes in Thailand. 105 died, which is the highest number ever in one year and almost double from the 55 deaths in 2007.

The increase in deaths among Swedes in Thailand seems to be continuing. During the first three months 28 Swedish nationals died. Like in the past years, accidents, natural deaths and suicides are among the most common causes. On average five Swedes commit suicide every year in Thailand.

The show is on Tuesday till Thursday at 7.30 pm.



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