Scandinavian women have biggest cup size while Thai women among smallest

While Scandinavian women’s average breast size is among the largest, the average breast size of women in Asia including Thailand, Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore is the smallest, reports

According to the report, Russian women win the largest average cup size in the world, where it is bigger than D cup. First runner-up include Finland, Norway and Sweden where women have the average breast size of D cup and larger.

Countries with women with the average breast size of D cup include Denmark, America, Venezuela, Columbia, Germany, the Netherlands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Switzerland, and Austria.

Women in India and Middle East have the average cup size of B.



13 Comments on “Scandinavian women have biggest cup size while Thai women among smallest”

  1. No it’s not. Dude get out of here. Everywhere agrees with this. Lmao not my fault you got small ass titties

  2. Pretty inconsiderate to the fact that woman from different places come in all shapes in sizes. Maybe when you grow boobs and have to lug them around everywhere, you’ll have more to say about choices woman make for their bodies.

  3. Carl really would you really know you seem as if you might have very little experience with a women’s body just saying CARL!

  4. Butts I can understand but the varying breast sizes are considered higher in more European places you should do some research before you make judgments about who has real and fake but usually people who write things like this are seriously lacking in whatever parts they do have in very little majorities

  5. This isn’t a real map. It’s from a German tabloid magazine called Bild known for it’s racist, right-wing propaganda.

  6. Ja som yngre hade man F men det var för tungt så läkarna fick operera bort 980gr + 890 gr numera bara C men så är man finska med en droppe ryskt blod o boende i Sverige
    Aha vi har alltså dom kvinligaste ÄKTA formerna !

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