Swedcham HK Young Professionals celebrates Midsummer!


30 members from Young Professionals gathered on Saturday the 25th of June to celebrate midsummer Swedish style. This is an annual tradition and that’s been one of the main events for Young Professionals in Hong Kong.

This year, the YP Midsummer Junk headed to Clearwater Bay, Sai Kung. The boat was loaded with herrings, meatballs, pies, crisp bread, potato salad, snaps and a delicious blueberry pie with vanilla sauce.


Hong Kong Beer Pong Association sponsored this junk with a floatable beer pong table so the traditional pentathlon took place in the water this year!

For more information about YP and if you want to become a member, read more here: www.swedcham.com.hk/young-professionals-2/young-professionals/

Text and photos: Jesper Karlsson, SwedCham Hong Kong




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