Sweden offers sustainable business to Vietnam

A Swedish-Vietnamese business seminar, “Sustainability by Sweden: Sustainable Business with Swedish Cleantech” will take place on Monday 16 September in Ho Chi Minh City.

The seminar is organized by Swedish CENTEC Vietnam, the Swedish Embassy and Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ho Chi Minh City. The time is from 7.30 am to 11.40 am and the venue is:  Conference Hall – Hotel Continental Saigon – 132-134 Dong Khoi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Swedish CENTEC Vietnam supports establishment of partnerships between Vietnamese and Swedish environmental technology actors. CENTEC believes that this can contribute to the economic and environmental performance of Vietnamese companies and support them to improve their own competitiveness and create solid foundation for sustainable business.

To provide more time for partnership discussion, lunch will be offered to all the delegates from 12.00 pm.

Participation should urgently confirm their participation via email [email protected] or telephone 08 3824-2690 and handphone number 0903-383-736 (Ms Phạm Thị Kim Ngân – DONRE’s officer).


Company participation

BLABSWEDEN is a trading house in Green-tech and Innovative Sustainable Solutions. The JOSAB ecological water treatment technique has proven to be superior to other water treatment methods. This methodology is applicable for both safe water production and sewage water treatment. The company is also marketing the Coolsaver Moisture filters, a product that lowers the dew point and reduces moisture in the air. In effect it can save energy up to 30 per cent in your cold-storage and freezers.

WINOVA provides total management concept in the field of water treatment – more new and greener ways to eliminate bacteria! Winova offers complete solutions to get drinking water from any water source. Also, they have developed hand – and surface treatment that keeps bacteria away and provides a long term positive effect.

KRISTIANSTAD UNIVERSITY offers higher education and research. For example in Vietnam the university runs the CITYBLUES++ research platform focused on turning climate adapted EcoCity development into action and business opportunities, by Integrating Sustainable Urban Drainage, Resource-Based Sanitation, Biogas and Food Security.

WTM provides solutions for the for the treatment of hazardous waste from hospitals and slaughterers, waste handling systems at hospitals and systems for shredding and containing organic waste in preparation for production of biogas. These technologies save the customers money, gives them an automatic, safer and more effective waste handling.

KONSEB supplies very special technologies within sewage water treatment and sludge handling with focus on de-watering of sludge and other material. They are simple, robust, reliable, energy- and cost-effective. Konseb also provides an effective method for safe solar driven drying of food products. All the equipment is tailor-made for each case in order to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

MRT SYSTEM specializes in manufacturing equipment for recovering mercury from electronic waste such as fluorescent powder from lamps, batteries, switches, rectifiers but also from sludge, medical and dental waste, powders, catalysts, military waste, and a variety of mercury contaminated metals as well as production waste from various industries.

GAIA develops biodegradable film for various applications such as waste bags and stretch film. Other products provided by Gaia are biodegradable materials for injection molding and sheet production.

ECOLOO GROUP is a leading Swedish green company that innovates, develops, designs and markets our unique, patented Swedish sustainable toilet technology and other sanitation solutions to resolve water, sanitation and hygiene issues and achieve environmental sustainability.

SUSBIZ MÄLARDALEN is an entrepreneurial engine acting to facilitate sustainable business development and Swedish clean-tech export. SusBiz, is a non-profit NGO offering sustainable business development services for the early stages of project development.

ED BIOGAS is owned by five companies, each with specialist knowledge for smart energy solutions. By bringing together skills and expertise in the design, manufacture, project management and construction ED Biogas deliver well-matched energy solutions to customer needs. The technology brings more effective biogas generation at shorter time.

NEOZEO is a technology-based company within the biogas purification and upgrading. NeoZeo has developed unique adsorbents for gas separation applications. One key application is in local upgrading of for vehicle fuel.

TELLUX offers sustainable lightning – functional and attractive solutions with low energy consumption for new and older installations. Tellux works with LED technology, wind power and solar energy and combines competence, know-how, experience, creativity and ideas in order to find effective solutions that cater the client’s needs.



There are also several financial mechanisms that support partnerships between Vietnam and Sweden. Three of them are handled by the Swedish Export Credit, Swedfund and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. If you want to know more come and speak to their representatives or the CENTEC staff.


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