Thai women football players join Swedish team

On Thursday, 14 August 2014, two Thai women’s football players visited the Embassy to get their visa to Sweden. The two players, Thanatta Chawong and Taneekarn Dangda, are going to Sweden to join Östersund DFF (ODFF) for two months and will compete with the Swedish team in various games. swe_th_footbal

This event happened after Östersund DFF (ODFF) and The Committee for BMA Students Sports Development in Bangkok wrote an historic partnership agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to further promote exchange and football development of youths, along with friendly relations between the two parties.

The agreement was signed on 6 August 2014 at the Clarion Hotel, followed by a number of politicians from Bangkok, four television crews, newspaper reporters, players and officials from Thailand.

Source: Embassy of Sweden in Thailand

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