Thailand ranks as world’s least miserable economy

According to a new study by Bloomberg, Thailand is the world’s least miserable economy, based on inflation and unemployment followed by Singapore as a second.

Thailand has a score of 2.5 (a rise from 1.9 in 2017) and Singapore follows with 3.2 (2.8 in 2017).

The Scandiavian countries rank a bit lower though they are still among the top ranking countries. Norway shares the 8th place with South Korea with a misery value of 5.6.

Thailand’s way of accounting for unemployment may be one of the reasons of the otherwise terrific score. The country is largely basing its information on big data from sources such as social media and job searching sites.

Also worth noting is that due to the political situation, Venezuela is by far the most miserable economy with a score of 1872.0 whereas the second worst economy, South Africa, got a score of 33.1.

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