Young blood at Scandinavian Society Siam

Four new members were elected to the board of the nearly 100 year old Scandinavian Society Siam at the AGM on Wednesday 3 May 2017 at Rembrandt Hotel, Bangkok.

The three were Pall Steinarsson – Iceland, Kristoffer Paludan – Denmark, James Medlycott – Sweden and Flemming Kruhøffer – Denmark. In particular Kristoffer Paludan and James Medlycott will help significantly reduce the average age of the board members.


The outgoing members were Savija Korslund and Filip Karlsson. Since the number of board members are more flexible than in the past, it was possible to elect all four candidates.

Chairman Lars Andersson remains Chairman of the board and all other key members of the existing board also remains. Under the new constitution adopted a few years ago, for a member of the board to leave the board within the three year term they have been elected for, they either have to die, or to resign or be voted out by the members at the AGM.

Most of the discussion between the board and the members centered on the need for a plan to celebrate the coming 100 year anniversary in March 2020.  This was already discussed at last years meeting board but there had been no progress on this subject.

The meeting took place at Rembrandt Hotel, Bangkok and was attended by less than 20 members. As this does not constitute a quorum, there will be a new AGM held around the 17th of May to confirm the proceedings of the meeting on 3 May.

After the meting, most members stayed on for the dinner.




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