43 Is the Winning Number

50 golfers participated in the LVT Cup at the Vintage Golf Club 25 kilometres outside Bangkok and the golfers really impressed SSS golf captain, Klaus Støve.
 “The golf course at the Vintage Golf Club is not as long as an average golf course so we did expect good scores, but the players did even better,” the Dane tells.
Klaus Støve explains that an average golf course is approximately 6200 yards long, whereas the Vintage golf course is merely 5850 yards long making better scores possible.
“I expected that the winners of the groups would make 41 points, but the winners of the A-, B- and C-groups topped my expectations as all made an impressive 43 points.”
The points are calculated from a combination of the par of the golf course and the player’s handicap and the number of strokes used by the individual player. Fewer strokes mean more points.
Mats Holm won the A-group and the LVT Cup with 43 points, followed by Juha Saarinen and Steen Poulsen.
Kaarlo Laakso won the B-group with his 43 points with Somsak Chongtham as a close runner-up with 41 points and Napakkamon Anant ended third with 39 points.
Vibeke Poulsen won the C-group with 43 points and Jyrki Kuukka won the CC and guest group.
When two or more players have the same number of points, the winner will be the one with the lowest handicap making Mats Holm the cup winner.
The next tournament arranged by the SSS golf section will be the Dr. Amundsen Cup on January the 20th.
“Seven weeks till the next tournament is a long time, but we have this long break for a reason. Of course we want all our members to have the opportunity to play all our tournaments and without the break that would not be possible,” the golf captain says.
“A lot of our members will be leaving Thailand within a week or two to go and celebrate Christmas in Scandinavia and quite a few are not back till a few weeks into 2007, so by having the next tournament the third weekend after New Year’s Eve, everybody should be back in sunny Thailand ready to play some golf after a hopefully snow filled Christmas in Scandinavia,” Klaus Støve explains.

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