DNV Navigator wins Singapore Minister Innovation Award

The project, which was completed in June 2006, allowed Singapore flag ship crew to submit crew change information via XML files electronically to MPA using DNV Navigator.

DNV Navigator is an onboard databank that automatically performs verification of entered data before submission to the MPA, thus saving  valuable time and resources. It also has checklists for each port and report forms required by port authorities in more than 170 countries. It is produced by DNV, an international company headquartered in Oslo (Høvik), Norway that specializes in Maritime risk-management.

“The conversional crew reporting to takes typically from 1 hour to 1  day,” says a representative of Maritime Port Authority of Singapore, “With electronic reporting, it takes from 10 minutes to 1 hour.”

“We are most thankful to receive the Singapore Ministry Innovation Award. It is a great reward after more than ten years of close R&D cooperation with MPA,” says Peik Jenssen, Managing Director of DNV Maritime Partner, “The Singapore branch office has always been an active partner in the cooperation and has been the project coordinator for the latest project which lead to the award.”

Mr Jenssen adds that the other partner in the project was the Singapore branch of the shipping company TORM, one of their first
customers and has been an enthusiastic test user of DNV Navigator’s several new innovations.

“Our next big challenge is to make all reporting from ships to port paperless,” says Peik Jenssen.     

The solution has since been distributed to all DNV Navigator customers of 830 ships from 56 companies internationally. DNV Navigator also  supports the submission of eNOA/D to USCG via XML. Partners of the project include MPA, TORM Singapore, DNV Maritime Partner and DNV  Singapore.

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