Finnair Cancels Four Bangkok Flights

All Finnair flights to Bangkok are cancelled today. Finnair is cancelling the flight which was postponed until today from yesterday evening, this evening’s both flights and tomorrow evening flight scheduled for 8.15 pm from Helsinki to Bangkok, as well as corresponding return flights. According to the authorities, Bangkok Airport will be closed at least until 6 pm on Saturday 29 November, local time in Bangkok.
    Up-to-date additional information on the situation can be found on the websites and
    Some of Finnair passengers returning home to Bangkok will be transported to Phuket on a flight that will leave from Helsinki tonight. That same flight will transport returning passengers from Bangkok to Helsinki. 
     “We are studying all the possible options and we try to serve our customers as well as possible in these challenging circumstances,” says Paavo Virkkunen, Finnair’s VP Customer Concepts and Marketing.
    Finnair is prepared to restart flights to Bangkok immediately, when the airport reopens to traffic.
    Altogether, Finnair has cancelled six Helsinki-Bangkok flights and their corresponding return flights since the closure of Bangkok’s international airport on Tuesday.
    The flight cancellations will affect a total of around 3,000 passengers, most of who are from countries other than Finland. Passengers will be informed of the flight arrangements.
    Finnair’s leisure flights to Thailand are operating normally.

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