Hundreds Of Swedes Stranded In Thailand

The turbulence at Bangkok International airport has caused problems for many Swedish tourists in Thailand. When several thousand protesters started an occupation of the airport in the capital of Thailand during the Tuesday many Scandinavians were affected.
   One airplane heading to Stockholm was able to take off before the airport was closed down but another airplane with Scandinavian tourists remained on the ground. 219 passengers as a result missed their flight to Copenhagen tonight.
   One airplane with 380 passengers from Sweden is currently on the way to Bangkok.
   “We do not know if the airplane will be able to land in Bangkok or if we have to go to another destination”, says Magdalena Öhrn, information officer at travel agency Ving, to newspaper Dagens Nyheter.
   There is also several Scandinavian tourists that has missed other flights or been unable to reach the airport because of the occupation.
   Gunshot has been fired close to the airport, but no violence has been reported inside the departure hall.
   Thailand is the most popular destination among Swedish tourists. There is currently around 14 000 Swedes visiting the country. Most of them is however not dependent to flights from Bangkok International airport.


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