Star Tour Takes Danish Tourists to King’s Cup

The Danish male national soccer team is going to Thailand to play the King’s Cup Tournament in Phuket at the end of January. In this period the Danish travel agency Star Tour has about 1200 guests in Phuket, and they will make sure that the Danish tourists will get the opportunity to cheer on the national soccer team from the sidelines.
“Of course we make sure that those of our guests, who are soccer fans, will be able to go to the matches and support Denmark. I expect quite a lot will be interested in this,” the Director of Sales at Star Tour, Stig Elling, says.
“In total there will be about 4000 Danes in Phuket these days. The national team can therefore expect a lot of support from Danish roligans. I’ll be there for sure,” adds Stig Elling, who is on holiday at Phuket himself, when the King’s Cup Tournament takes place.


Denmark will play the semi finals against North Korea January 21 2009 and January 23 Denmark will meet either Thailand or Libanon.


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